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Where You Are is Not Who You Are.

If you’ve ever wanted more, felt the sting of insecurity, the pressure of expectation or the anxiety of life not being quite what you had in mind…

YOU can change that.

All it takes are small ripples that create big waves. Those small ripples are called T.A.D. (Tiny Actions Daily). It’s the first step towards realizing your dreams and finally getting the chance to live the life you absolutely adore.


Everytime I step on stage, I set the intention of providing wisdom and tools that can assist in helping some create change in their life. Using a collaborative, engaging and experiential approach, I invite attendees to leave insecurity at the door and embrace possibility. My mission is to leave people feeling inspired and ready for action!


Some books provide the principles I teach in my programs and talks, helping people leverage their own insecurities and turn them into a tool of influence by taking small steps forward every day using the T.A.D. (Tiny Actions Daily) method. Other books are real stories from real people who’ve overcome life’s circumstances using some of the GRAB philosophies.


I believe that you can discover your purpose and develop your skills by taking Tiny Actions Daily (T.A.D.) and unlocking your superpowers. These programs unlock the next level of your personal development.

My name is Mike and I’m on a mission.

A mission to make every single person I connect with realize the strength they possess.

See, I was an overweight kid growing up and inevitably (but still horribly) it means I was picked on. I was tormented by others and worse still by myself. In the midst of all that, my mom, my superhero died of cancer. I was devastated.

I bet you’ve been there too – when it all feels like it’s falling down around you.

But, what I took from it was something my mom taught me…

The strength to fight. The strength to let go. And the ability to know when each is needed.

And that experience and those insecurities soon became the foundation for the strength and change that I now bring into the world.

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