What Do You Want?

Day 1:
You will unveil what your top five target dreams are in each of these 5 categories: personal, professional, financial, relationship, and health. We will turn those target dreams into a one-year goal with a six-month checkpoint and 30-day benchmarks. You will have clarity of your wants and not wants so you can reflect on what you must start, stop, and continue that will help you take your current life to your dream life.

Why Do You Want It?

Day 2:
After getting clear on what you want, we will strengthen your purpose with deep meaning as to why you want these target goals. By the end of Day 2 you will have a purpose statement and a vision statement to reinforce your why.

Who Do You Need to Be?

Day 3:
Once your purpose is strengthened, we will workshop your identity and who you must be in order to receive all of the outcomes that will be coming your way. Self-sabotage will be replaced by affirming an upgraded identity.

How Will You Achieve It?

Day 4:
With this new identity, we will then show you how to achieve your new goals by listing out the activities that are aligned with them to help you move closer to your dream life every day.

When Will You Begin?

Day 5:
We will wrap up with a weekly and daily planning session so you know when you will be able to make the time for your dreams to become your reality with upgraded routines and rituals.