Changing the world - one sandwich at a time.

It’s funny to me that I started out being a bestseller of knives only to use those knives to transform lives but that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Working in Florida (and going to school here back in the day), I saw how much a meal could make a difference for those in need.

So, I put my knives to work and introduced PB&J in Tampa Bay to Florida.

With volunteers and good samaritans, we have made and fed over 80,000 people PB&J sandwiches in Tampa Bay in under 3 years. We’ve also expanded nationally to cities across America and adopted the name PB&J for USA.

Without food our body starts to break, then our minds – our greatest assets stay sharp by feeding them both. So we do.

We believe that everyone deserves a meal.

Together, we all can make a positive impact in our local community.

Join the movement & find out more!

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