Discover Your Purpose

In Phase 1 we get clear on what matters most to you and do a deep dive into your Values, Dreams, Passions, and Gifts to see what you’re uniquely designed, qualified, and capable of accomplishing.

Determine Your Plan

In Phase 2 we Determine Your Plan for how your Purpose will be realized through our unique and proprietary Reverse-Engineering Process.

Develop Your Skills

In Phase 3 we focus solely on the Skill Sets required for bringing a Purpose to life. These skill sets include Influence, Leadership, Persuasion, and Management, along with personal mastery skill sets of Discipline, Learning, Reflection, and Energy Management.

Deepen Your Wisdom

Phase 4 is all about discerning the difference between Good Advice and Wisdom. Good Advice is the move that’s right most of the time and Wisdom is knowing when that Good Advice doesn’t apply in a given situation.

By being guided through our unique process, you’ll find yourself experiencing greater depths of meaning, connection, impact, and fulfillment in your life.