The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly brought me back to my early twenties when I established my first dream’s list. This dream-storming session created a foundation for a list of accomplishments that I now how checked off!

– Take dad to Switzerland
– Buy properties and rent them out
– Write a book
– Get my engineering degree
– Create a stronger relationship with my sister
– Create a healthy lifestyle


The 100 Dream Challenge that he leaves the reader with is so powerful because it breaks us away from our limiting beliefs and brings our truth to the surface. We are not meant to play small in this world. We are meant to dream and create that dream life!

Here are his twelve areas to stimulate a good cross section of dreams:


run a marathon
quit smoking
lose weight
drink more water


take spouse to Italy
find a companion
help others discover their dreams


read more
learn a language
complete a degree in ____


develop inner peace
learn to enjoy uncertainty
study meditation


overcome a fear
face an addiction
strengthen willpower


get a new car
dream watch
own a house by the beach


get a promotion
become #1 in the market
develop a new product


pay off debt
start college fund for your children
build a portfolio of $1 million


write a book
learn an instrument
study photography


visit Great Wall of China
African Safari


volunteer for a charity
preserve the environment
create a charity


develop patience
more accountability
be trustworthy

These are just a few ideas to stimulate your imagination. You may choose to take some of these as your own and add others to them. No dream is too wild and wonderful. There are no limitations. DO NOT concern yourself with what you think is possible and what you think is not. Just write!

I’ve done this exercise a dozen times in ten years and I keep crossing things off and adding things on. It keeps me alive! Enjoy your life and dream your future, today!