Have you ever surrounded yourself around people that have what you want? Maybe they have the relationship you’re envious of? Or the money? The possessions? The lifestyle? The Confidence?

Did it get you motivated or did it make you uncomfortable?

I had the honor of meeting some amazing people this past weekend and I felt both motivated to create massive action with things that are important in my life that I realized I had been neglecting and uncomfortable because I felt the tension I always feel when I see a gap between where I am and where I want to be.

This “tension gap” of discomfort is a feeling I’ve been guilty of avoiding. Just like anything else that brings momentary discomfort — eating healthy, getting fit, fierce conversations, public speaking, job interviews, etc — typically brings greater rewards.

The lesson I have continued to learn time and time again is to embrace the tension and eliminate it by taking a small action step and then a MASSIVE action step!

I feel compelled to share with you the MASSIVE action step — I want to create an e-learning program that allows students to learn The G.R.A.B. Tomorrow philosophies from their homes.

An interactive program with me and other members of The GRAB Community influencing them with tools and tips that will help them take control of life outside of the classroom! Scary right!

My immediate action step is to figure out what to include in this program that will offer value relevant to their needs. This is why I NEED YOUR HELP!

I created a survey that will allow me to understand the most valuable way to offer content. – ONLY 6 QUESTIONS!

If you would please take couple of minutes and respond to these 6 questions, it would mean so much to me and future members of this community!

Click here to take this 6 question survey and be a part of growing the GRAB community!