My three focus points for 2015 are: Professional Speaking. Health and Fitness, and Relationships

Professional Speaking

I want to make a powerful impact outside of my local community and on a larger scale
I have a passion for speaking and it brings me passion and joy when I am on stage
I want to have a strong foundation built for my 30’s so I have a platform to build upon as a career
Bringing young professionals closer to their goals brings me a sense of fulfillment
I feel obligated to share the lessons that I have learned through my late teens and early 20’s

Health and Fitness

I want to create sustainable energy in order to enjoy longer days without fatigue
I want to avoid diseases and protect my immune system
I want to eliminate my back pain by having a strong physcial body that I can depend on
I want to look past the overweight kid that I grew up as
I want to be viewed by others as an inspiration in order to bring them more confidence that anything is possible
I want to prove to myself that I still have self-control


I want to connect other business owners that can gain value from knowing one another
I want to continue to strengthen the important relationships that I have listed in my top 24 circle
I want to keep stretching my confidence level as I meet new people when I do not feel like it
I enjoy being the highlight of someone’s day just by my presence – brings me joy
The art of building and strengthing relationships has been an area of improvement in the past and I am eager to make it a strength