In this new era of business, virtual events have become an integral part of operating. Mike Abramowitz is an expert at running energizing virtual events that create connection, promote shared purpose, and add significant value for attendees.

Mike is the TOP District Manager in the entire Cutco/Vector Marketing sales organization. He won THREE Silver Cups in 2020, including the #1 District Team with over $2.4 million in sales. He runs events at multiple levels with different attendees and different objectives, and has refined his techniques at such a high level that he has taught the entire company how to run dynamic and effective virtual events. He shares all of his expert tips in this value-packed conversation.

There’s so much ground covered here. By listening, you’ll learn things like …

  • How to start an event with high energy
  • How to create connection among virtual attendees
  • How to leverage the organizational mission or common goals to tie people in through a shared sense of purpose
  • How to craft mantras or core philosophies and engrain them into your audience to influence people’s beliefs
  • How to provide meaningful recognition at virtual events
  • How to implement personal development to add maximum value to your events
  • Strategies for wrapping up events that create action and impact
  • Post-event follow-up to capitalize on the momentum created

This video is pure gold. It’s time for you to press play.

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