Psychologists have correctly said that “when one is truly ready for a thing, it puts in its appearance.” – Hill, Napoleon; Hill, Napoleon (2013-12-01). Think and Grow Rich

Everything in life is either progress towards a larger goal or a lesson learned that can help make progress towards a larger goal. Obstacle only appear as challenges in order for us to earn what we initially wanted. If there was not a challenge to overcome, everyone would have the reward. When everyone has is, we probably wouldn’t want it as much because it wouldn’t be as valuable. The challenge is the test to see how bad we really want it.

I’ve heard the quote, “In school you have the lesson and then the test, but in life you have the test and then the lesson.” Often times we don’t view the challenge as a lesson, we view it as failing. So we must change our thoughts about what failing actually is. Not receiving the the result immediately after attempting is not failing, it is a lesson learned on how to not achieve that goal and how to do something else correctly.

Think about that phrase – how to not achieve that goal … and how to do something else correctly. This is an empowering thought that triggers control over the situation. No victim mentality about that. “Failing Forward” would be a way to view it. Constantly moving towards your reward you desire, regardless of circumstances.

Control our thoughts about our circumstances and we will control the actions that will get us to our reward.