I’ve believed so for a while, but this morning blew me away! I created my ‪Vision Board‬ at the start of 2014 during a workshop with my team. I went on Google images and cut out pictures from magazines, one of which was a mountain in Switzerland. I never paid attention to which mountain because I never cared, I just wanted to ski the Swiss alps, in fact part of the name of the mountain is covered by another picture of a skier.

While in Switzerland this past weekend we started our trip without a car because we thought we can use taxi and bus, but we decided after a day that wasn’t going to be enjoyable. So, we rented the last car Avis had. After talking to some locals they suggested a few different places to ski, one of which was 90 minutes away but has the best snow for this time of year, called Zermatt. We figured it’s only 10am, let’s go for the half day and see what the hype is all about. If it’s the best, I have to go for it.

Turns out to be the BEST experience of my life! I had to take 5 lifts to the top, walk through a tunnel, pay $250 to get up there and when I finally ended the ski run almost an hour later, tears came down my cheeks when I reached the bottom. The most amazing experience of my life. Being 13,000 ft high, in the freezing cold snow storm, next to incredible snow caps, with the most powdery snow you can imagine. It’s what my dad described to me for 20+ years!

This memorable trail is called Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and turns out that it has been on my vision board the entire time! I just checked this morning and I’m blown away it was the same mountain!

I encourage you to create your vision board. Here is a link from one of my favorite speakers, Jack Canfield – author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Success Principles