Someone in my office today said “I’m just not a morning person.” … as they showed up at 9:40am … ten minutes late for the morning shift. Have you ever heard this phrase before? … It gets me everytime! Morning person… a type of person who enjoys the morning …?

Is there a certain type of person who enjoys waking up daily in the mornings? Or is there a certain type of person who has conditioned himself/herself to enjoy waking up to live their life daily?

I think back to my teenage years when the mornings were dreadful and awful. My mom singing and opening my blinds just to get me out of bed. I do get that. But, how did I get myself to wake up at 5:15am when I choose to or feel that waking up after 7am is sleeping in…? I think of one word … Conditioning.

We can practice just about any habit and eventually become it. We can become a reader. We can become a musician. We can become a painter.

With enough intentional focus, effort, and consistency we can become anything. What gets a person to become their new and improved self? It could be desire. Possibly even motivation. I believe it’s something a little deeper that drives those “Morning People” that we are often not aware of. I believe it’s a compelling vision.

This is the driving force for all successful people in life. Having a goal that is exciting to move towards, and reminding yourself of that goal before bed, makes it easy to wake up and become a “Morning Person” who is ready to enjoy creating the day that will eventually lead to the weeks — months — years — decades ahead, which creates our lives. Our choices today create a destiny for tomorrow.

So, being a “morning person” is a conscious choice and can be made daily