When we’re surrounded by social media, email lists, and marketing campaigns it can seem like you’re so much further away from reaching your goals than other people around you.

You are more than capable of reaching your next big goal, as difficult as it may seem.

More often than not, the thing that’s stopping us from reaching them is ourselves. 

We create our own blocks without realizing it. They come from subconscious limiting beliefs and habits that we need to change.

If you feel far away from reaching your goals, let’s dive into what’s blocking you and how to remove those blocks. 

It Feels Too Big

One of the most common things that people come up against when working towards their goals is feeling like they’re too big for them to accomplish. 

You start thinking “This is impossible. I have so much to do before I get to point b.”

Sometimes we get so caught up in feeling like we need to be done. That we need to cross a goal of the list. That we should be there already. 

This mentality blocks you from taking the small daily steps that you need to take in order to reach those goals. 

The truth of the matter is that you can’t accomplish it all at once. Big goals take time. They take experience, education, connections, and action. Every step, every day adds up and brings you closer to what you want to accomplish. 

This is where my T.A.D. philosophy comes. T.A.D. stands for tiny actions daily.

Taking three tiny actions each day towards your goal allows you to break up what you see as impossible into bite-sized pieces. 

You’ll get there, little by little, step by step. 

Stuck in Your Desire for Certainty 

Another common thing that blocks people from reaching their goals is their desire for certainty. 

What do I mean by that? 

You’re constantly trying to make the “right” decisions. You want to know the outcome of something before you even try. You feel paralyzed by your internal perfectionist. 

This desire for certainty keeps you stuck in a loop and drains your energy. If you find yourself exhausted from this internal dialogue, it’s time to let go of this mental drain. 

As difficult as it may be to accept, uncertainty is often all we have. Life is full of unknowns, the same is true when it comes to reaching your goals. 

Even if you’re uncertain of what to do, or what the finished product will look like, you have to keep moving forward. 

Don’t lose sight of the shore. Keep taking tiny actions daily to inch closer and closer towards your goal. 

When you let go of your desire for certainty you’ll be amazed at what opportunities and ideas can open up. Opportunities that you didn’t even realize were possible because you were so stuck in things looking a certain way. 

You Feel Drained

You (usually) can’t sprint to success. When you sprint, you lose steam, you deplete yourself, and you start to feel drained.

If you’re feeling drained early on it’s probably because you’re biting off more than you can chew. You’re so laser-focused on your goals that you forget that taking care of yourself is just as important, if not more for your long-term sustainability. 

The good thing about feeling drained is that it’s an opportunity to change your approach. If you’re feeling drained, you’re being asked to pull over to the gas station and fill up your tank – whatever that means for you.

Pace yourself. Take time off if you need to. Even if it’s only an afternoon. Break up your goals into tiny actions. Be proud of yourself for each thing you do, instead of pressuring yourself to do more than what you can handle. 

You Don’t Celebrate Your Wins

What’s the point of reaching for big goals if we don’t enjoy ourselves along the way?

Even if you’re not *there* yet, you’ve been working hard, and you deserve to be celebrated.

When you celebrate your little wins, you motivate yourself to keep going, give yourself the pat on the back you need, and you start to enjoy the process a little more. 

Celebrating yourself can be as big or small as you need. I recommend celebrating both, and everything in between!

Let’s start small. You’ve accomplished two out of three of your tiny actions for the day, so you reward yourself by going to your favorite coffee shop to finish up the third.

Say it’s Friday, you might not have gotten everything done that you wanted to, but you stayed on track and focused. So you go out for a nice Friday night dinner.

You can even set monthly milestones with rewards once you accomplish them.

Celebrating yourself can mean buying something you’ve been wanting or simply patting yourself on the back and reflecting on how far you’ve come. 

You’ve Got This!

It’s time to bulldoze those blocks out of the way and reach your goals.

Break up your goals step by step, move forward even when you’re uncertain, pace yourself to prevent feeling drained, and celebrate the little wins along the way.