Having the right systems and life hacks can make all the difference when it comes to achieving your goals or not. I recently started evaluating where I’m at for the year so far based on the different weekly goals I’ve been tracking.

Tracking my weekly goals has allowed me to see where I’m at in my process, especially when it comes to “Winning my day and week”. These are specific, consistent, and measurable goals that I set for myself every day and every week so that I can use metrics to see how far I’ve come.

What do I mean exactly? I’ve “won the week” if I’ve hit these goals:

  • Working out 4 times a week.
  • Walking 60,000 steps.
  • Drinking 6 gallons of water.
  • Reading 100 pages.

I tracked my progress by adding up these numbers for the first two months of the year, and I sure was happy with my results. 

Through February I have…

  • Drank 606,795 ounces of water, which is 53.1 gallons.
  • Done 36 workouts.
  • Read 1254 pages.

Those feel like some solid numbers to me. It’s so fun to see the progress of how productive I’ve been because that’s what drives me to do more. Progress creates momentum, this creates energy, energy moves to create even more progress. Plus, how satisfying is it to look back and see those numbers at the end of the month, the quarter, even the year?

Gamify Your Goals

Having tangible metrics and numbers allows you to gamify your goals, or keep score of them. This is when you create if/then statements based on a rewards system. It’s giving yourself something desirable after you check off a TAD, tiny action daily. 

This could be giving yourself Netflix time after reading ten pages a day. Or letting yourself have the dessert after you’ve done your workouts for the week. Think about what motivates you to reach your weekly wins. You enjoy the pleasure after you do the discipline. 

Gamifying your goals can be incredibly motivating, but the biggest motivating factors are more intrinsic.

Why Play The Game?

Sometimes we get so stuck in the numbers or the monotony of everyday life that we forget why we set these goals in the first place. If this feels like you, then it’s time to reconnect with your why – the reason you want to reach these goals. The why behind your discipline. 

Gamifying is a great way to keep score and track your progress, but why are you playing the game in the first place? What is the deeper reason that you’re working on your health? The why that makes you keep pushing and persevering? What truly lights your fire? That’s your why.

Reaching your goals isn’t just about the steps you take on your own. Another key factor when it comes to motivation is who you surround yourself with. After all, games tend to be more fun when you play with other people.

Be A Team Player

Some of the people that I’m coaching are already having quarter one burnout. These people aren’t tracking their progress, and because of that – starting to lose their focus. 

We’re all products of our environment, and the people around these clients haven’t been that motivated, which then rubs off on them. While personal accountability and motivation are incredibly important, you can’t undermine the benefits of a like-minded community.

Let me give you a behind-the-scenes take of our accountability group. Just like how I track my personal progress, in the accountability group you keep score by measuring your TADs. Every two weeks you have a benchmark for where you’d like to be. Every day the people in the group post how many TADs they did towards their goals. My VA then puts those on a spreadsheet and posts them in the group so that they can keep score. This creates a friendly, but motivating competition. 

On top of that, we also have an accountabilibuddies system. This is so that members in the group can hold each other accountable, and have the chance of winning a cool prize at the end of each month.

To break it down, members in this accountability group keep score on their weekly metrics, as well as their “win the weeks” and “win the months”. When they check the boxes they get points. We’ve gamified their goal-setting but made it a team sport, one where you learn to rely on your accountabilibuddy.

Join The Group!

As we transition into Q2, reflect on who you’re surrounding yourself with. Are they people who are making progress and winning? Or people who are burned out, defeated, overwhelmed, and compromising their goals?

Level up by surrounding yourself with people who motivate you. You can do this by joining our accountability group. We’d love to have you! I’m even offering a 50% discount for your first two months – send me a DM to learn more.

Whether or not you join us, I encourage you to surround yourself with people who motivate you. People use clever tools to take charge of their life and reach their goals.