If you’re here, you most likely have some goals that you want to accomplish. 

Accomplishing our goals takes inspiration, organization, and creativity. 

I have an activity that can do just that.

You may have heard of vision boards before, but have you ever made one?

Well now’s your chance.

Creating a vision board goes beyond arts and crafts and wishful thinking. It creates a tangible, visual, representation of your dreams and goals.

When you create a vision board, you have something to check back in with to see how far you’ve come since you created it. 

Still not convinced?

Here are a few key reasons why you should make your own vision board:

  • It brings a fun energy to your goals: Sometimes we get so stuffy and serious about our goals that we forget to have fun! Creating a vision board is meant to be enjoyable.
  • Stirs up inspiration: The process of creating a vision board can spark new levels of inspiration looking by looking at images and quotes that we envision for ourselves.
  • Sparks creativity: Thinking about your visions, looking for inspiration, and piecing it all together has a way of sparking your creativity so you can bring that creative spark to other areas of your life.

Now that I’ve got you on board, it’s time to get to work.

1) Brainstorm

Grab a piece of paper or your journal, start a timer for five minutes, and jot down whatever comes to mind.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your vision for the next year? Fives years? Tens years?
  • What are some places you want to travel to?
  • What does your life look like when you accomplish your goals?
  • Who are some people that inspire you?
  • What does it feel like when you accomplish your goals?

Let your thoughts run wild. Don’t hold back. Write down your wildest dreams. The ones you’re scared to say out loud. The ones you think are out of the question.

Put pen to paper and write it down.

2) Collect Inspiration

Now you have to gather your supplies and picking out what you’re actually going to put on your vision board.

Here are some things you’ll need:

  • A piece of construction paper. You may even want a poster board. Especially if you have a lot of goals!
  • Old magazines, newsletters, copies of photos, flyers, dried flowers, stickers, anything that may have visual representations of what you want your life to look like.
  • Of course basic supplies like scissors, tape, glue sticks, a hot glue gun if you’d like.
  • Your imagination.

Flip through your supplies and start cutting out anything that catches your eye. Remember, just because you cut it out, doesn’t mean it has to make the final product. 

You can keep it loose and just toss everything in a pile, or keep them organized in different categories if that system works better for you.

Think of it as a treasure hunt for things that make you feel excited about life, that bring you joy, and of course – that inspire you. 

You may want to switch around steps one and two – that’s totally up to you.

3) Organize Your Vision

You’ve brainstormed. You’ve collected your inspiration. Now it’s time to organize.

Go through the things you’ve cut out and pick out which ones are going to make the final cut.

Organize them on your paper in a way that will motivate and inspire you when you look at your vision board. 

Tape or glue them down and write in any timelines, inspirational quotes, or keywords that you want to include.

Add the finishing touches and voila! A successful arts and crafts session. But it doesn’t stop there.

4) Put Your Vision in Motion

You’ve crafted your vision of the future, now what are some actions steps you can take today, this week, and this month to make that vision come to life.

Inspiration is critical, but it’s nothing without taking action. 

Put your vision in motion by using my T.A.D philosophy – Tiny. Actions. Daily. 

At the end of each day, write down three actions you will take the next day to work towards your goals. To make your vision board come to life.

5) Share it With The World

It can be nerve-wracking to share what your vision and goals are with the people around you. 

But the act of sharing creates a sense of accountability. By sharing your vision board with your loved ones, colleagues, or social media following, you have people to check in with. 

Maybe you make your vision board with an accountability buddy for one because it’s a fun group activity, and two because you’re more likely to take action steps towards your goals if you have someone else checking in on you.

You can take it from here. Grab your scissors, and let that vision come to life!