Andrew Bayon is an enthusiast and influencer in the health and wellness community. He began his early stages of his life as an overweight child, only later to become skinny in High School after finally grabbing some control over his weight. He then later went off to college while working a sales & management position. After selling over $100,000 worth of product he later searched for a different calling. He began to realize that even though the world has more technology, more information and more knowledge than ever, we also have more sickness, disease and health problems than ever also. His goal is to help bridge that gap.

After a few years in college, some unhappy and depressing stages in life he became overweight again. From there he realized if he ever wanted to help the health community and help others he first had to help himself. He then immersed himself and spent hours, days and months learning and applying. From there he lost over 35 lbs. and went from 20% + body fat down to 7-8% body fat for the first time in his life.

His mission is to impact and help as many people as possible to gain control of their health. To help them stop living reactively and begin living proactively. He believes that with the wealth of knowledge and technology in our fingertips we should have more control over our health. He strides to help bring that control into fruition.