After walking across 1200 degree burning hot coals for the fifth time this weekend, I finally got a hot spot burn on the bottom of my foot…

Out of 8000 people, only 30 or so burned themselves like me.

Why even walk across fire? What’s the point? … this is not Disney World and merely trying to entertain oneself.

For me … it was about breakthroughs! It’s about setting aside any and all of my limiting beliefs and never allowing myself to be limited by lies that are made up in my head. Never again will I feel, think, or allow myself to think that I am not good enough or capable. My firewalk and team of comrades made this event real for me and I am grateful to have such an OUTSTANDING Peer Group!

I realized why I burned myself: I looked down at the coals! I freaking looked down! In the past, I looked up or straight ahead to maintain my peak state, but not this time.

Life Lesson/Metaphor: Recently I have been looking at my accomplishments in life and have been guilty of resting on some of the laurels of my success. By looking down and not up, I’m distracting myself and not able to achieve a higher breakthrough to my next level! I must stay focused on what’s ahead and simply take lessons from the past, not bask in those moments.

No longer will I look down, back, or behind. It’s about looking ahead and bringing as many people with me!

Being on that stage and looking out to an empty room created an exciting vision of impacting thousands of more individuals through my life lessons and allowing others to do the same. I am eager and excited to host the first annual GRAB Tomorrow: Real Stories, Real People event at the end of this year to create a platform for leaders to spread their influence.

We all have the ability to become “FireWalkers” and breakthrough the limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. Choose your path by making a decision today to no longer accept less than what your potential offers you!