While reading the book, “The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster”, I created a journal entry in July of 2015 that I re-read today that I felt compelled to share. When I re-read it, I got PUMPED UP and felt a sense of purpose and clarity. I hope it brings the same feelings for you… (notice some of the goals that I wrote in July have taken place within 6 months – ie. two books, trip booked to Mexico, set up for Crew at Tony Robbins event, Paid speaking event — and I have made progress towards others with saving $11k so far and found the motorcycle that I want to purchase)

July 20, 2015 – Journal Entry

What’s the motive behind creating the movement and GRAB community? Is it the cause? Or the reputation? Is it to hear good job or is it to be a good person? Can it be both? Give to give, not to get – simply selfless, off-self and on purpose…? My ideal community of people/individuals follow in order to create an internal shift and desire to become a force for good inside of the community. We all have needs and one of those needs can be satisied by someone else giving. Inspiring someone to lead a life that can make a difference, how can this bring value to the individual who is giving?

Some say Karma. Some might say Mitzvah. Or the universe responds to deserve, not wants. How about living life with the feelings of knowing “I made an impact. I made progress and I did good.” Will those feelings be considered pride? or ego? Are those feelings selfish? Do those feelings align with self or can they be backed by a principle? When we feel good, we do good. And when we do good, we feel good. Is this enough motive for action?

What is success to me?

Success to me is being a great son and honoring a life that I have been given. It’s taking care of my body, my vessel, to propel me and allow me to continue my journey towards inspiring leaders for tomorrow. Success to me is living by taking risks in order to grow. To risk vulnerability. To go through any challenge. Success is while I am thriving to still help others find their potential. Success is capturing all of these moments in order to remember them in the future. Success to me is living a life in a way that allows me to see the places I desire and experience moments in life with those that I care about.

What makes me happy?

What makes me happy is when I consistently stay focused on maintaining a daily routine. When I choose growth, not comfort. When I treat my body right. When I give compliments. When I show people I care. What makes me happy is seeing someone I influenced take action and create results. To know that someone else is better because of me. I love receiving feelings of gratitude that are genuinely appreciated.

What gives me joy?

What gives me joy is offering new experiences to others. What brings me joy is believing in someone and helping them find a breakthrough. I love starting my day with a vision of what I choose. The freedom to create. What brings me joy is being on stage and having a room listen to me. Engaging an audience. Helping people find breakthroughs.

What makes me most satisfied?

I am most satsified after helivering a powerful message and know those who listened will be better off. After offering my perspectives and having others take action and then seeing results.

I’ve been taught that success is a process and who I become in the process is more valuable than the destination because the journey creates the growth, the lessons, the life experiences worth teaching. So, how can I reach a place that doesnt have an end? Are there measurable check points? I guess those are labeled goals. So, Reaching a goal is a checkpoint on the race towards success.

What are my checkpoints that I must hit in order to stay on the correct path?

  • Release a paperback copy of Your Best Year Ever and get into the schools
  • Release second book – Real Stories, Real People
  • Reach 185 pounds again
  • Visit my brother Scott in Mexico
  • Buy a motorcycle
  • African Safari
  • Save next $25k
  • Paid speaking event
  • Crew Tony Robbins event
  • Mastery University Course
  • Travel with Liz
  • Feed 25,000
  • Podcast started

Take a moment an visit those questions and see where they lead you — What’s your motive? What is success to you? What makes you happy? What brings you joy? What makes you most satisfied? What are your checkpoints?

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