What an awesome event last night seeing Dr. Eric Thomas do his thing!! Thanks Edward Felder​ for the invitation! I am excited to be a new member of #BreatheUniversity

Some takeaways and immediate implementations:

  • “Average Skill, Phenomenal Will”
  • “Out of sight, out of mind” is not real – it’s still out there and it will come back one day. Instead of avoiding the fear or failure, embrace it. Learn from it. The one thing that is haunting me MUST be handled. The burn from the failure is the motivation to take action daily.
  • Passion – the real fire is inside failing – it’s inside the coals when the fire is out
  • Execution – How many actions are needed to make the goal a reality? How many hours is that? – it’s not rocket science – Do I have enough courage to make this happen? – How can you win something that you dont know what it takes to win? – De-mystify success and know the numbers it takes to succeed – Daily actions
  • Write down every negative thought I have and an action plan on how to get rid of them — I must listen to the best version on me DAILY
  • Forgive myself. Learn from it. Move on … NOW!
  • As of today, I give my best and nothing less. I owe it to my followers, my family, myself. I can. I will. I must!

Gain new perspectives today that can help you create a better tomorrow. #GRABtomorrow