First Feeding Frenzy of 2016 was a success! 1555 meals provided! To think that one year ago this didn’t even exist and now we have come together as a community to provide over 10,000 meals around the Tampa Bay Area! I’m inspired by all of those willing to sacrifice their Sunday morning once per month.

We had 2 boxes leftover after delivering to the local shelters, so I drove around Clearwater and asked random people on the sides of the road where some people might be that could use some food. EVERY person I asked knew somewhere to send me.

I met a man named Manny in the park who helped me carry a box to the opposite end where a dozen folks were gathered trying to keep warm. The sincere gratitude they expressed was heart wrenching. “What church are you with?” is a typical question … My response – “no church. Just community members wanting to make a difference. Enjoy!”

They collectively agreed that it’s people like us that bring them hope. That people still care.

Karen, a woman who I came in contact with in the park, had a stable job and living situation last year, but was in an abusive relationship and was guilty of being somewhere she shouldn’t have been, got arrested, lost her job and home, and now is trying to get situated again. I just think about how that could happen to anyone. She will be waving a sign for a company until she can get stable again and was extremely grateful for a free meal.

One random act of kindness can bring others hope … It can bring the community together … It can bring change…

All the while bringing a sense of meaning to the giver. Give and get so much in return.

These folks are good people with tough circumstances. So, this week, carry an apple in the car and toss one to them from time to time and show that people do care. We all need hope sometimes. “You got this!” might be enough to help someone weather their storm. Everyone deserves to eat.