Control your thoughts, control your life … what a profound statement!

Think about this – our thoughts become our words, our words become our decisions, our decisions become our actions, our actions become the life we create. So what we think about consistently is who we are becoming.

We have 60,000 thoughts each day and 97% of what controls our decision making is our past. Therefore, if we ever want to create a life that we desire, we MUST move past our past and create thoughts that serve us.

This is why journaling is so powerful. It captures our thoughts like a photograph.

Think about the last time someone took a photo of you and you immediately looked at it. What were you looking for? Did you analyze it a little bit to see if it satisfied you? Did you see how your hair looked? Or maybe your outfit? Were you smiling?

If the photo didn’t satisfy your expectations, you would request another photo to be taken.

Let’s take this same concept to our thoughts. When we journal through our thoughts, we have the ability capture what was buried in our subconscious mind. After writing that down, we can then analyze what we are “really” thinking and feeling. We then have the opportunity to control, change, or develop those thoughts and choose new decisions that are in alignment with our goals.

A challenge I used to face is that I never knew what to write when I sat down to journal. Let me share with you what helped me …

GREAT QUESTIONS! — That’s it! Answering great questions helped me journal through to find great answers.
Here are some of my favorite Journal Activities:
(start of day) The belief I need to have today is …
(end of day) Where did I maintain that belief today?
(start) What can I commit to accomplishing today?
(end) What did I accomplish today?
The future goal that I am focusing on today is … Why do I want that goal? … What does this goal bring me?
How do I feel right now? Why do I feel this way? How do I want to feel? What do I want to feel that way? What actions can I take to feel that way?
When I am at my best, I ….
What could I be grateful for right now?
What could I be excited about right now?
In two years from today, I want …

Simply pick any of the activities for the day and just write! See what comes out of that pen!
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Continue on your path towards creating your best year ever! It’s your time!