Every chain of events that happen in life are rooted from our choices. “Whether by accident or by design”

There is a scene in the movie “Benjamin Button” that really captures how every decision we make could affect you and those around you and it really got me thinking. The compliments we give to others can make their day brighter and that impact may trickle to those around them. The decision to exercise for the day creates a level of energy that allows you to wake up earlier the next day.

The book that you read allowed you to mention the lesson in a conversation with someone who needed to hear those lessons and then shared that lesson with another person who was able to benefit.

The conversation with the lady at the check out counter at the store made her feel appreciated and she paid it forward throughout the day, which created a chain reaction of positivity that allowed that one guy who was having a bad day to brighten up and become a force for good to his family that evening, which made him more aware of his priorities in life and not project his emotions onto his kids during dinner which allowed the kids to then feel good going to sleep that night and continue to keep dreaming of the possibilities of tomorrow.

This can be created by the random acts of kindness we do daily. Other destinies will be molded by your choices.
Choose gratitude. Choose positive outlooks. Choose growth.

Check out the scene from “Benjamin Button” HERE. Enjoy!!