Why I am, Who I am?
Who do I need to be in order to embrace my new self? How do I consciously create the new identity in which I desire and am deserving of?

These are two questions that I have been working through for the past few weeks. Not that my current self or past self is not good enough, it’s just not the “best” version of me.

I desire full exposure of my “real” self and no longer want to live in an illusion that my past does not define my present. My past has defined my current decisions and patterns, but I have been unconscious to the effect it has had on me.

I decided to go down a path through my childhood and into my early stages in life in order to figure out “why I am who I am” and through what lens do I view my life.

It’s a scary place to explore, filled with uncertainty, questions, and uneasy feelings, but the end result will allow me to truly reach a place of fulfillment.

True happiness and a place of fully being present will only be obtained when I tear down the walls really find the breakthroughs in my life that molded who I have become.

Join me on this journey as I deliver a message to you about some life experiences that have molded me into who I am and maybe can unlock some numb feelings inside of you.

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